The Best Leggings for Working Out

Upgrade Your Workout Wardrobe

Do you need a boost to get back to exercising? Great news, the motivation you are looking for may just be in your closet (or drawers if that is where you keep your leggings)! Putting on workout clothes you actually like is a very underestimated way of helping you get your workout in. When we look good, we feel good! Research suggests investing in fitness clothing that makes you feel confident helps you push yourself harder during workouts. Plus, when you like what you are wearing you are more apt to wear it more, encouraging you to exercise more often.

As a trainer and someone who loves all things fitness, it feels like an absolute must for me to share my favorite leggings for various types of workouts. I chose to become a brand partner for Savvi because I genuinely love how their clothes fit, the feel of the material, and the mission of the brand. Savvi offers all types of clothing that can take you from the gym to work, to date night in a single outfit!

Your leggings, however, are your very best friend that won’t betray you like a pair of jeans.

Shop HERE or use the direct link for each legging listed. Are you a new Savvi customer? Message me to save $25 on your first order!


 Weight lifting: Geowomen wearing the best leggings for weight lifting.

Rev up your workouts in the Geo Legging 27”. Featuring a wide waistband with no-slip back elastic and side pockets, you’ll never go without comfort, style, and functionality. The side pockets are perfect for your phone and headphones. Available in 24 inches or 27 inches.


woman wearing the best Savvi leggings for running. Running: Canyon

One of Savvi’s newer leggings has quickly become a huge favorite. Made of Polyester and Spandex they are breathable and durable. Runners love the compression and 2 side pockets.





woman wearing the best Savvi leggings for spin/cycling

Peloton & Spin: Cypress

Featuring a high-compression fabric and no-slip elastic band, the Cypress Legging is a high-impact must-have— take on any physical challenge with optimal comfort. They feature a 4.5-inch waistband with no slip elastic.


woman wearing the best Savvi leggings for yoga and pilates.

Yoga & Pilates: Cranes

This legging features stirrups, extra stretch, and no elastic waist for added comfort. Your legs are going to look long and lean wearing these unique leggings to your next yoga session or dance class.





For a Fit Pregnancy: Ashtanga

woman wearing the best Savvi leggings for working out during pregnancy

A pregnant and postpartum Mama’s must-have!

The seamless knit construction has great stretch and recovery which provides shape-flattering support. It’s like they magically mold to your body. The texture is also functional as the fabric shape helps pull moisture away from your skin.




BONUS: Best Dressed: Indi

woman wearing the best Savvi leggings for fitness that are very fashionable.

Take your fitness fashion to the next level with these gorgeous and functional leggings. Some of the unique prints available include zebra, cheetah, ink splatter, and tapestry. They have 4-way stretch and are both sweat-wicking and squat-proof.