Telehealth Therapy

Nourish your mind, Heal Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

Therapy is an essential piece of weight management support as your challenges with health and nutrition extend far beyond just what you eat. As a recovered eating disorder warrior, I work with women who have been harmed by diet culture and are ready to heal their relationship with food for good. It’s time to discover a path towards finally finding peace with both food and fitness!

You will experience a safe and non-judgmental space where you can freely express your thoughts, emotions, and concerns. Together, we’ll unravel emotional eating patterns, tackle body image issues, develop new coping skills, and navigate self-sabotaging behaviors. Through this process, you’ll establish a solid foundation for lasting change and growth.

For Massachusetts residents I offer Telehealth sessions and accept the following insurance plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum, Aetna, and Cigna I also offer a sliding scale for self-pay.

Turn learn more about my background and approach please see my profile on either Psychology Today or Alma.

Finding the right fit therapist can be tough. Please reach out for a FREE consultation.

Jessica is the world’s best therapist. I’m saying it. And it’s true. Our sessions together fly by; I’m so grateful for the spaciousness she creates, and the sense of humor she brings to our conversations. When I’m in my trickiest moments, she asks insightful questions that help me think about things from a different perspective. She is so excellent at reminding me to frame things positively! I really enjoy the exercises we work on together; she has a knack for picking out the perfect worksheet for me to contextualize where I’m at. My favorite exercise together was talking through the story of my life — thinking about what I’ve gone through in my past, what strengths carried me through my most difficult moments, and how these strengths shape who I am today. Jessica is also really great at pivoting, based on what my needs are. Some sessions I’ll need to process my week — other sessions I would rather try an exercise together. I have been holding back all of the cheesy metaphors I’ve wanted to use, but now I’m going to unleash [just] one: Jessica is a beacon in a dark stormy night! I’m so grateful for her and for our sessions together. They’re absolutely 100% changing my life for the better.

– Heather